The reason I write this post is the evolution of my website. Three years ago, talking with Ionut, we agreed the market is growing, and is was a fast growth. At that time we both were involved in Netsport, and when we looked at website growth, we didn’t know why it was so fast: the new users were coming in 2005 … In that year the success of a website was measured in thousands of users and not tens of thousands (or hundreds for the big ones), as now.

In the meantime we had:
– 7 to 23% penetration of Internet
– 3 to 18% broadband access
– web 2.0 phenomenon
– o to 469 villages with broadband
– no academic courses about Internet to … something very trendy in faculties

So, i am proud a niche website like Underclick, dealing with Internet News and Web Consultancy reached almost 40.000 users a month, have 1250 subscribed newsletter users and  rank now in first 1000 websites in Romania. Next target > first 500 …

And of course, Internet is not anymore something you can ignore !

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