After Google offered their services in strategic partnerships in learning field (USA and even Romania : ASE Bucharest & Politechnica ), at the end of 2007 they officially launched their services in Romania, the first Google event here. We discovered the Google Apps, solutions for companies, free or paid (depends on number of users) and Google invited web-companies to became partners .

Yesterday was launched officially the first strategic partnership of Google in Romania : is official provider of Google Apps in Small Biz Solutions and they are the first full-implementation version in .RO . Now they will benefit of full Google marketing (I still remember the portals in Argentina and Brasil at Google presentation).

I tried today to make an interview with one of their officials, but they didn’t want to tell anything. In a couple of days they will release an official press information .

I am glad for because is one of my first web projects and 5 years ago, staying in the smallness of a servers room, with Mihai and Bogdan, we decided to launch the biggest business website in Romania, thing happening already. For me it seems to be 20 years … such a long time ago … it’s true that in technology you work 7 years in one year!

So. We have the first official Google partnership in private medium Romania … what’s next ? I’ve heard Yahoo is around …

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